Catalyze Growth

Learn about your customers, your value, and your potential

Find the right model for delivering your magic to customers – and get paid for it.

Create momentum with the purpose, people, and practices to build a sustainable business.

Access capital and resources to fuel your business now and in the future.

We actively assist founders with reaching specific milestones including pinpointing the value proposition, structuring the right business model, prioritizing target customers, laying the groundwork for long term differentiation, building operational scalability, and accessing capital.

The companies we back address fundamental and complex business needs. They combine breakthrough technology with a deep understanding of the context within which that technology will deliver value for customers. They also demonstrate early executional excellence and the willingness to learn and evolve.

To apply to work with us, please tell us about you and your company. We do not share your information with anyone else.

Our definition of early stage:
– You have a minimum viable product (MVP) and it works.
– One or more customers have used your MVP.
– Your team has at least three people who are dedicated full time to this effort.
– Seed or A-round stage of funding.